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Hannibal High School’s esports team, MINDKraft, recently represented Hannibal at the National STEM Festival in Washington, D.C., from April 11-13, 2024. Chosen to represent the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), Team MINDKraft showcased their knowledge of NASEF Farmcraft®, to an audience of educators, students, and industry leaders to showcase how to make education more engaging for students while learning about important issues in agriculture and how to overcome them.

Team members Micah Clark, Ivy McCammon, Natalie McCammon, and Kaylin Martin enthusiastically demonstrated the fusion of agriculture and technology through Farmcraft. “We are thrilled to represent Hannibal and NASEF at the National STEM Festival,” said students Ivy and Kaylin. “We are excited to show how technology and agriculture are combined, while doing it in a game that everyone is into. We’re also excited to meet other people at the Festival and to experience Washington DC and its history.”

At the festival, Team MINDKraft engaged attendees with interactive presentations and live gameplay, highlighting how Farmcraft addresses critical issues like climate change, urbanization, and food security. By integrating digital technologies into farming scenarios—from rural fields to urban vertical farms—players tackle real-world problems, enhancing their STEM skills and understanding of environmental stewardship.

Thank you to these organizations for providing scholarships for the team to have this unforgettable experience: Chariton Valley, DCW-Data Center Warehouse, Bytespeed, Booster Club.

More about the Program: 

Farmcraft 2024 focuses on the impact of digital technologies on farming, a timely theme given the significant productivity boosts achieved through tech innovations in agriculture over the past decades.

NASEF and the U.S. Department of State, supported collaboratively by American Spaces, have seen over 24,500 participants from 80 countries engage in Farmcraft over four seasons, a testament to the program’s global reach and impact.

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