Parent Education Night

Parents of HPS students are invited to a Parent Education Night with CHADS Coalition that will be hosted at the Hannibal High School Auditorium on February 5, 2024 at 6:00pm.

About the Program:
CHADS Coalition trains students, parents, and adults how to recognize and prevent suicide with the only universal, evidence-based prevention program, Signs of Suicide in partnership with MindWise Innovations. Signs of Suicide (SOS) ® teaches participants the signs of depression, signs suicide, and the importance of telling a Trusted Adult when they notice those warning signs in themselves or someone they know.

SOS Program Research:
SOS is used in thousands of schools around the country and is the only youth suicide prevention program that has demonstrated an improvement in students’ knowledge and adaptive attitudes about suicide risk and depression, as well as a reduction in actual suicide attempts.

More information about CHADS can be found at