Hannibal Public Schools announces the retirement of Susan Johnson, Superintendent, at the end of the 2023-2024 school year, effective June 30, 2024. Johnson, who has dedicated a total of 33 years of service to the school district, has served as Superintendent since 2014.

Susan Johnson's dedication to education, tireless work ethic, and innovative vision have left a timeless mark on Hannibal Public Schools. Her leadership has positively impacted the lives of countless students and families, and strengthened the district and the community it serves. 

During her time as Superintendent, Johnson achieved several notable milestones:

  • Financial Stabilization: Mrs.Johnson successfully navigated the district through challenging financial times,by leading the effort to pass a Proposition C waiver which enabled fiscal stability.
  • The PATCH Center: In partnership with Clarity Healthcare, she played a key role in establishing the PATCH (Promoting Access to Community Health) Center, providing essential services to students, staff and families.
  • School Facility Improvements: Under her leadership and navigating the Proposition CARE campaign significant upgrades were made to Hannibal High School, Hannibal Middle School, and the Hannibal Career and Tech Center, including the installation of air conditioning, improved plumbing, and enhanced lighting.
  • Remote Learning: Johnson adeptly managed the challenges of remote learning, ensuring the continuity of quality education during unprecedented times. A large initiative that made remote learning successful was her prioritization of becoming a 1:1 (One-to-one) district, allowing each enrolled student to use an electronic device in order to access the Internet, digital course materials, and digital textbooks.
  • Community Resource Collaboration: She facilitated collaboration among community leaders, ensuring equitable access to resources during the pandemic.
  • Hannibal Innovation Campus: Mrs. Johnson played a crucial role in the acquisition of 4417 McMasters, the future home of the Hannibal Innovation Campus, expanding educational opportunities for students and adults of the Hannibal community and surrounding areas.

Johnson stated, "It has been a privilege to serve the Hannibal community for over three decades, and I am proud of the progress we have made together. I have full confidence in the continued success of Hannibal Public Schools under new leadership."

The Hannibal Public Schools Board of Education expresses its gratitude to Susan for her service and contributions to the district.
The Board of Education intends to partner with the Missouri School Boards’ Association to conduct a superintendent search.  The MSBA superintendent search process typically includes the announcement of the search at both the state and national level; a comprehensive needs assessment using surveys and meetings with staff, parents, and community members; the systematic evaluation of candidates based on the district, board, and community needs; assisting the board with the interview process; and assisting through the employment process. 

The mission of Hannibal Public Schools is to serve our community by empowering our students to thrive.