Jason Noland Graphic

Hannibal Public Schools is pleased to announce Jason Noland as the new Principal of Hannibal High School effective July 1, 2023. Noland has been a valued part of Hannibal Public Schools since 2005, having worked as a middle school and high school math teacher, off-campus programs coordinator, Dean of Students at HHS, and most recently as Assistant Principal at HHS.

Noland, a graduate of Hannibal High School in 2000, brings a deep understanding of the school's values and culture. He has actively contributed to the school's activities; coaching golf, baseball, and football. Noland looks forward to maintaining his active involvement with the football team.

Jason Noland resides with his family in the school district. His wife, Whitney Noland, is a math teacher at HHS and was named district teacher of the year in 2022. Their sons, Ty and Rex, attend HHS and HMS, respectively.

"I am honored to step into the role of Principal at Hannibal High School," said Noland. "I am excited to continue working with our talented educators and staff to provide an environment for our students to thrive."

Hannibal Public Schools welcomes Jason Noland as the new Principal of Hannibal High School and looks forward to continued academic excellence under his leadership. With his extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and deep roots within the district, Noland is poised to inspire and guide the students of HHS towards a future filled with success.