Teacher of the Year Graphic

Hannibal Public Schools is pleased to announce Lissa Biggs as the recipient of the Teacher of the Year award for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Mrs. Biggs is the Title 1 Reading Teacher at  Veterans, and has been with the district since 2004. Lissa was selected for this distinguished award based on her outstanding teaching skills and dedication to her students.

During the selection process, Mrs. Biggs shared her top ten reasons why she became a teacher, and remains one (answers are paraphrased): 

  1.  Her Mom, a well known and well loved kindergarten teacher inspired her to make a positive impact on others. 
  2.  Kids- She loves kids and is committed to helping them succeed. 
  3. Celebrating Growth - She celebrates her students' growth with them daily. 
  4. Being able to read opens up doors for a lifetime, and she loves to remind her students of this everyday. 
  5. Challenge - Lissa appreciates challenges, and the opportunities that push her to think outside the box. 
  6. Powerful moments that lead students to the discovery of their own potential. 
  7. The ability to give hope to parents when their child is struggling. 
  8. Preparing students for life in the community and beyond. 
  9. Relationships that create connection and belonging. 
  10. Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others every day. 

Lissa puts her heart into everything she does. She loves her students and coworkers; and they love her just as much. This is evident, as her classroom is never empty. 

HPS is proud to have such a dedicated and passionate educator as part of our team, and we extend our sincere congratulations to Lissa Biggs for this well-deserved recognition!