Superintendent's Message

Hannibal Public School

District #60

The Hannibal School District #60 is rated "accredited with distinction in performance" by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Additional accreditation comes from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools at the career center.

The district features a grade configuration of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and grades one through five in its elementary schools, grades six through eight in its middle school, and grades nine through twelve in its high school. The area career and technical center is also located on school district property. The district is comprised of five elementary attendance centers including Eugene Field, Mark Twain, Oakwood, Stowell, and Veterans.  All elementary schools are organized as pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

The Hannibal Public School District #60 staff members consist of 564 members, including 326 certificated and 238 non-certificated members. Of the 326 certificated staff members, 59.4 percent are at or above the master's degree level. The average teaching experience level in the district is 12.7 years.

Special programs in early childhood education and parenting, guidance and counseling services, health programs, and special education programs are a vital part of the total program of the Hannibal School District. Also provided are remedial services, both during the school term and during a summer school program. A summer enrichment program is also offered to all students. In addition to these programs, a strong well-rounded, extracurricular program including athletics, performing and visual arts, and publications is offered by the district.

There is a strong relationship between the school and community as evidenced by strong parental involvement, support, and partnership with community organizations. Each elementary and the middle school have active parent-teacher organizations and strong booster organizations exist for band, chorus, and athletics. Success in the activity programs and competitions is a source of community pride.


The school district enrollment has been remarkably steady the past ten years. Enrollment projects indicate a slight but steady increase for the next ten years. There is a possibility of a greater increase in population of school age children if rapid economic growth in the Hannibal area occurs.


Budget for 2014-2015 school year is $33,508,159.

Sources of revenues are local and county (58.39%), state (32.59%),  and federal (9.02%).

Assessed valuation for 2014 is $296,272,956 and the current tax levy is $3.47.

Enrollment is 3,537 for the 2014-2015 school year.

Teacher salary range for 2014-2015 is $33,150 to $61,550 and the average teacher salary is $42,647.

Welcome to the Hannibal School District!

Welcome to the Hannibal Public School District!  My name is Susan Johnson and I am serving the students and families as their Superintendent.  This is my 24th year in education and I’m happy to say that all of those years have been right here in the Hannibal School District #60. I began my career as an elementary teacher at Eugene Field Elementary and later became the Principal at Eugene Field Elementary.  After that, I moved into Central office and served as the Assistant Superintendent for 11 years and this is my third year as Superintendent.  

I am part of this community and have been for many years.  One of my favorite aspects of my job is now having the opportunity to work with former students who are now parents of current students in the district.  I am so fortunate to work closely with such a dedicated staff, administrators, and community. 

Having been a part of this school system, I am also blessed to have been a part of this community.  Hannibal is a wonderful town filled with people who care about one another and care about their fellow community members.  It is small enough that you can get around easily and quickly.  It is also small enough that you see friendly faces throughout the community.  In contrast, it is also a community that is large enough that there are many opportunities to enjoy.  Those who are vested in our community understand the importance of appreciating our historical heritage and what that culture brings to our homes.  Finally, I also appreciate that our school district is a large part of our community which provides many opportunities for our children as they grow.  

I am married and my husband, Jay is a retired educator from the Hannibal School District.  We have one daughter, Kylee who is a junior at Hannibal High School.  We have chosen to raise our family in Hannibal and educate our child in the Hannibal School District where she has attended since Kindergarten. 

In conclusion, welcome to our community and to our school district.  I am always interested in meeting those in our community and district and welcome you to either give me a call or drop in and see me.  I look forward to meeting you.

 I am excited for the 2016-2017 school year and I hope that you are too.  I am proud to be a Pirate!

 Susan Johnson