Pirate Virtual Academy

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Pirate Virtual Academy
The Pirate Virtual Academy will include: 

● A full course schedule for all students 

Instruction, class assignments, and/or learning activities provided on our Edgenuity Virtual platform 

Grading & assessment practices consistent with in-person learning 

● Younger students will need support at home to participate 

Contact Information
HHS PVA Admin -- Jake Greving -- jgreving@hannibal60.com 
HHS PVA Instructor -- Craig Altheide -- caltheide@hannibal60.com
HMS PVA Admin -- Stephanie Utterback -- sutterback@hannibal60.com
HMS PVA Instructor -- Heidi Tamerius -- htamerius@hannibal60.com
Elementary PVA Instructor -- Tracy Murphy -- tjmurphy@hannibal60.com
PVA SPED Instructor -- Britnee Sawyer -- bsawyer@hannibal60.com 

Pirate Virtual Academy Middle and High School Students and Parents,

This past week marked the end of our first progress marker. Some have learned that virtual learning is much more time consuming and academically taxing than what you may have originally thought. As of today (10/5/20), to be on target, you should have 22% of each class completed.  If you have yet to reach that point, you must set aside time throughout the coming days/weeks to get there.  

At this point in the semester we need to start looking at what the rest of the semester looks like and how grades will be imported, the determination of passing grades, transcripts, etc.  First and foremost,  it is the expectation of Hannibal High School that ALL assigned courses be completed before January 22, 2021. Edgenuity courses are graded on a semester basis. Students will not receive a specific grade for Quarter One.  

When a student opens Edgenuity, each class shows the “Overall Grade”.  The Overall Grade shows what each student has earned, based on what activities have been completed.  This grade does not take into consideration any assignments, quizzes, tests, or exams that have not yet been completed.  It is important to know that anything not completed by January 22, 2021, will be marked as a “ZERO”.  This will include the cumulative exam, which, in many instances accounts for 30% of the Overall Grade for the course.  **If you are a senior, and hoping to graduate midterm, your courses must be completed by January 14, 2021. You are expected to complete ALL courses, regardless of whether or not they are needed for graduation**

At the end of the semester, we will use the “Relative Grade”.  The Relative Grade provides 0% for all activities that have not been completed.  The Relative Grade can be found on a Student Progress Report.  According to Edgenuity Courseware, the Relative Grade “is essentially a harsh penalty for not completing work.”

Please make sure you are meeting and/or exceeding the expectation and working a minimum of 5 hours per day on your classes. You are always welcome to work ahead, beyond the due dates of assignments.

Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns moving forward in the semester. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of the Pirate Virtual Academy.

Hannibal High School -- (573) 221-2733

Mr. Greving (jgreving@hannibal60.com) -- Director, Pirate Virtual Academy

Mr. Altheide (caltheide@hannibal60.com) -- Head Instructor

Hannibal Middle School -- (573) 221-5840

Mrs. Utterback (sutterback@hannibal60.com) -- Director, Pirate Virtual Academy

Mrs. Tamerius (htamerius@hannibal60.com) -- Head Instructor

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