The Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR) is required by Section 162.821 RSMo to be submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on or before August 15 each year. The ASBR contains information, such as revenues, expenditures, fund balances, debt, and transportation data that are used for various data comparisons, calculations, and data requests. Examples include payments, the Local Effort Calculation, the Current Expenditure Calculation, report card information, and federal reporting information.

                        Annual School Board Reports (ASBR)                                                Audit Results                                                Check Register                                    Financials
 Hannibal 2018-2019 Annual School Board Reports (ASBR) Hannibal 2018-2019 Audit Results Check Register- June 2020 Financials- June 2020
 Hannibal 2017-2018 Annual School Board Reports (ASBR) Hannibal 2017-2018 Audit Results Check Register- March 2020 Financials- March 2020
 Hannibal 2016-2017 Annual School Board Reports (ASBR) Hannibal 2016-2017 Audit Results
Check Register- December 2019
 Financials- December 2019
 Hannibal 2015-2016 Annual School Board Reports (ASBR) Hannibal 2015-2016 Audit Results Check Register- September 2019 Financials- September 2019
 Hannibal 2014-2015 Annual School Board Report (ASBR) Hannibal 2014-2015 Audit Results  
 Hannibal 2013-2014 Annual School Board Report (ASBR) Hannibal 2013-2014 Audit Results