Taiwan Project

The Taiwan Project is a cultural exchange program that began seven years ago with the help of the University of Missouri.  In this program students learn about another culture through videoconferencing, through e-mail exchange, and ultimately through a visit to the other country.

All students at Hannibal High are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Taiwan Project. We hold our regular meetings the second and fourth Wednesday before school.  Because there is a thirteen hour time difference, the video conferences are held in the evening.

2006-2007 Participants:

Taiwan Project Members In Snow

What's Been Happening:

  • During our Spring Break in 2005, I made my first international flight to Taipei.  You can read my journal and see pictures from my trip!
  • Our fall fundraiser was a home tour.  If you have MicroSoft Word, you can look at our flier advertising the homes on our tour.
  • During the fall we discovered that the Mandarin Chinese CD had been taken from the public library.  Our group collected money so that we could replace the missing CD.  Take a look at our picture presenting the CD to the public library.  We are standing in front of the showcase we decorated. 
  • During our Christmas video conference we asked River City Review to perform for our partner school.  Everyone involved had a wonderful time.  We took a picture of the singing group with our polycom via video equipment.
  • The students have been learning Mandarin Chinese in preparation for our trip to Taipei.
  • To learn more about the Chinese New Year, we looked at a Power Point Presentation created by our partner school.
  • During our next videoconference we will be making a presentation to our partner school about our country and school.
  • Cultural Exchange Logo
  • Who would not want to eat a pancake after seeing our mascot?
  • You can go to our summer camp webpage to see our daily journals from our summer camp in Taiwan
  • Check out the incredible homes that were on our our fall home tour.
  • Thanks to all who participated in the "Holiday Extravaganza."

2007:Members with pancake
  • Our traditional meal was an incredible experience for everyone involved.  Check out our program, to see what we learned about Asian culture.
  • Thanks to all who participated in our pancake breakfast.
  • Check out our proposed itinerary for our summer camp.  We are expecting 44 students and 6 teachers to particpate in this event.