Where the Wild Things Are


Formative Assessment: 

Has anyone ever had a dream about a wild thing?


What did your wild thing look like?  Use describing words so everyone can have a mental image of your wild thing. 



Instructional Strategies or Activities:

Students use a character from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, to create their own “wild thing” and learn about adjectives by describing their creature. 



1.      The teacher will read to the class Where the Wild Things Are.  In this story Max has dreams/nightmares about wild things.  He learns to like the wild things and has great adventures with them. 

2.      Discuss the wild things in the story.  Has anyone ever had a dream with a wild thing?  What did it look like?  Tell students they are going to create their own wild thing using pieces of pictures and animals from magazines. 

3.      Hand out magazines and allow students time to search, cut out, and piece together a wild thing of their own. 

4.      Students will now talk about their wild thing.  Allow a few students to share their     wild things with the class.  While they are telling about their wild things, generate a list on the board of describing words.  Discuss with the class that these words are called adjectives and they describe the wild thing to someone who has never seen it before.

5.      Students will now generate a list of adjectives that describes their animal.

6.      Share the composed list with the entire class on chart paper.  This chart paper can be displayed in the classroom as a reference when talking about describing words. 


Extension:  Students could take their list of adjectives and create a describing paragraph about their wild thing.  Students could create their own adventures with their wild thing in a fictional story. 










Summative Assessment:  Students will be assessed from their list of adjectives. 


Scoring Guide

4 points – Outstanding

8 or more very descriptive words about the wild thing


3 points - Proficient

5-7 descriptive words are used about the wild thing

2 points – Emergent

2-4 descriptive words are used about the wild thing


1 point – Attempted

1 descriptive word is used about the wild thing


0 points – No attempt



























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