Animal Paragraphs


Formative Assessment:

1.   Are students completing web correctly?

2.   Are students writing sentences which follow provided format?

3.   Are students writing complete sentences.


Instructional Strategies/Activities:

Have lots of pictures of books about animals.  Ask, “Who likes animals?  Who has a favorite animal?  Who has an animal for a pet?  Today you will learn how to write a five-sentence paragraph about your favorite animal using a web.”


Elicit from students what they know is important when writing and list on the board.  Introduce the strategy steps to the students (write or post them).  Show them the format for writing a five-sentence paragraph.


1.   Complete the web.

2.   Write a starter sentence introducing the animal.  “These are the things I know about…” or “I like the…”

3.   Write a sentence for each spoke of the web.          

a.       For looks like – “It is…”

b.      For eats – “It likes to eat…” or “When it is hungry it eats…”

c.       For lives – “It lives…” or “They can be found in…”

d.      For can do – “The (animal) can…”

4.   Write a concluding sentence about the animal.  “These are the things I know about…” or “The (animal) is an interesting animal.”


Model by reading the step, thinking aloud, then writing the sentence.


Summative Assessment:



               My paragraph has 5 sentences.

               I indented.

               Each sentence has a capital letter at the beginning.

               Words are spelled correctly.

               The sentences make sense.

                                                             proofread my paragraph.